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小胖游学 18.10.26

作者James 梁,一个在美国学习、生活的15岁孩子。

       Big news! Please pay attention, my friends. Congratulation to myself! I got A's in the first semester of ROP course! At this point someone will surely ask, what is the ROP course? Why am I so happy?
       Today I'm going to tell you about what the high school ROP program really is and what role it plays in our learning. The ROP program, a special extracurricular program specially created by the irvine school district, is designed to give courses that are optional if the school has too few aspects to cover. For example, if you want to be a scientist, ROP will have courses like biological science that you can choose. However, ROP courses will be more professional and provide you with more professional guidance in areas that you are really interested in. Therefore, students in ROP courses usually have their own specialties.
       而我这次就参加了其中的烹饪课,这是一门专门为以后有想法从事餐饮类行业的学生开设的,在这二十几门课程中算是一个比较冷门的。但是我,小胖!作为一个热爱美食且希望能在酒店管理行业里从业的人来说,这是一个多么好的机会呀!今年上半年当从我的 counselor 那里听说有这个课程的时候我是多么的兴奋,想着我一定要选取这个门课程并力争取得一个好成绩。毕竟我还是很喜欢烹饪这门手艺,于是便想着赶紧报名。这里我得来介绍一下整个ROP的报名方法了:首先你必须去你学校专门管这一方面的conselor咨询;接着你可以向她要一份报名表,这上面会有所有你需要填的内容,一般当场就能完成;最后就是需要耐心了,因为申请完可能需要等到下个学期才有可能接到通知并参加你期望的课。
    This time, I attended one of the cooking courses, which was set up for students who have the idea to engage in the catering industry in the future. Among these two dozen courses, I was a little bit out of favor. But me, fatty! What a great opportunity for someone who loves food and wants to work in the hospitality industry! I was so excited when I heard about this course from my counselor in the first half of this year, thinking that I must select this course and strive for a good result. After all, I loved cooking, so I decided to sign up. Here's how to sign up for the entire ROP: first you must go to conselor, the school that administers this aspect; Then you can ask her for an entry form with all the information you need to fill in, usually on the spot. Finally, you need to be patient, because you may have to wait until next semester to receive the notice and attend the classes you expect.
       现在我就开始描述一下烹饪课到底是什么样子的。我们上课的地点是在一个社区高中(有些象国内的职业中专学校)CREEKSIDE HIGH SCHOOL,也只有那里会有这样一个上课用的厨房,让我们体验什么是真正的后厨。每周四从下午四点开始直到晚上九点,我们就在那里进行对食物的深入研究。记得第一次我来到这个厨房还要追溯到去年的Summer Camp(我也写过这方面的公众号)那时的我也是在这个厨房参加了对于西式烹饪的最初学习。这次再度回来也有那么一些亲切感,整个厨房分为三大部分:第一部分实践区,也就是老师演示和我们自己实践做菜的地方;第二部分区域就是一个教室里面仓储物料也包括了专门洗涤我们用过的围裙等的洗衣房;第三部分即是我们平时理论课和做书面作业的区域,那里有两个显示器和一个投影仪能保证我们在任何的角度都能看得清菜谱。每次课上我们每次会做三到四个不同的菜,通过制作这些菜肴也同步能教会我们许多关于食材的知识,同时也会教给我们许多烧菜时用得到的小技巧。通过这个课我也认识了许多的朋友,才知道山外有山,天外有天。在其中有好几个同学都拥有着高超的技巧,能在最短的时间内顺利完成每一道菜。
      Now I'm going to describe what cooking class actually looks like. We took classes at CREEKSIDE HIGH SCHOOL in a community HIGH SCHOOL (sort of like the domestic vocational secondary SCHOOL), and there was only one kitchen where we could experience what a real kitchen was. Every Thursday from 4pm until 9pm, we do in-depth research on food. I remember the first time I came to this kitchen, which was also traced back to Summer Camp last year (I also wrote the public account of this aspect). At that time, I also participated in the initial study of western cooking in this kitchen. The whole kitchen is divided into three parts. The first part is the practice area, which is where the teacher demonstrated and we practiced the cooking. The second part of the area is a classroom where the materials are stored and also includes the laundry room for washing our used aprons and so on; The third section is the area where we usually take theory classes and do written work, where there are two monitors and a projector to make sure we can see the recipe from any Angle. We make three or four different dishes at a time in each class. By making these dishes, we can also teach us a lot about the ingredients and also teach us a lot of tips for cooking. Through this course, I also got to know a lot of friends, only to know that there are mountains outside the sky. Among them, several students have excellent skills to finish each dish in the shortest time.
      在整个课程中有那么一个活动我是特别喜欢的,那就是所谓的“神秘盒”。老师会把相同的食材,在我们不知道的情况下放入一个个盆子里。我们要即性的完成两道菜。并必须要用上所有的食材。这个活动不仅锻炼了我们的厨艺,同时也给我们一个自由发挥的机会,大胆的用自己的想象力创造一道菜。比如最近的一次“神秘盒”里面提供的食材是芹菜,米,古斯米,洋葱和番茄。 和一些可以随意拿取的食材比如蘑菇,鸡蛋和各式各样调味品。我们被分为了三个人一组来完成这次的比赛。而我对于这样的比赛是充满了期待和一点点的紧张。比赛开始了,我首先是开始做一道蘑菇炒饭,运用我平时累积的一些经验,用了比较短的时间完成了这一道菜。第二道菜就是我们配合完成的,这是一道健康的色拉,用到了在中餐很少见的古斯米。这是一个十分健康的谷物。我负责所有的食材的切割和准备,而另一个朋友负责酱汁的调配。最后的那个人负责煮古斯米。一小时后每组都完成了他们的作品。老师开始了她的评判,他会仔细地品尝每一道菜,给出中肯的建议。
One activity that I particularly liked throughout the course was the so-called "mystery box." The teacher would put the same ingredients into bowls we didn't know about. We want to finish both dishes immediately. And you have to use all the ingredients. This activity not only trained our cooking skills, but also gave us a chance to play freely and create a dish with our own imagination. A recent "mystery box", for example, offered celery, rice, gusmi, onion and tomato. And a few optional ingredients like mushrooms, eggs and various spices. We were divided into three groups to finish the race. I'm looking forward to it and a little bit nervous. As the competition began, I first started to cook a mushroom Fried rice, using some of my usual experience to complete the dish in a relatively short time. The second dish is the one we collaborated on, a healthy salad that USES gusmi, a rarity in Chinese cuisine. This is a very healthy grain. I was responsible for cutting and preparing all the ingredients, while another friend was responsible for making the sauce. The last person is responsible for cooking gusmi. After an hour each group finished their work. The teacher began her critique, and he would carefully sample each dish and give her pertinent advice.
     This is my general introduction to the ROP course so far, and interested friends can join in. I think this kind of course can supplement the deficiency of learning only theoretical knowledge in class, and increase the practice of our practical ability. In the process, we still maintain the cultivation of our imagination and creativity. I like this course very much!


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